a genesis statement by process grey.

99 works released in 3 phases.

phase 1

24 tokens airdropped to holders of Grail #03.

Snapshot taken midday on August 26th.

phase 2 | SOLD OUT

74 token dutch auction. Auction includes 72 generative drawings and 2 one of ones.

The price will drop from 3 ETH to 0.25 ETH in each block until sold out, approximately 0.25 ETH every 15 minutes. The final resting price is 0.25 ETH. Anyone that mints above the final sellout price will receive an on-chain refund equivalent to the difference in your total price paid and the sellout price for each token you purchased. Refunds will process shortly after the sale ends.

phase 3 | LIVE

1:1 token "age" auctioned via english auction

In the way that emotions stack in unpredictable ways, the medium of generative art yields a similar result as traits randomly stumble into one another. In this series the poetry of the metadata reveals as much as the image.

The fog in my life is depression- and that creates a haze through which I view all things. Things remain blurry until suddenly in sharp focus, undeniable and abrupt- simply to fade back into the fog without warning.

This collection exists as one statement. It was created as the conceptualization and companion for the work here, and likely others to follow.